About Noto Peninsula Wide Area Tourism Association

Overview of Noto Peninsula Wide Area Tourism Association

Purpose of establishment

Heisei15Year7Month7In preparation for the opening of Noto Airport (Wajima City) on the day, activities to increase the number of users from the metropolitan area and improve convenience have been required more than ever, so the existing organization "Noto Peninsula Tourism Association" Along with adding new businesses based onPRWe will revise and change the organization and name for the purpose of enhancing activities.

Main business contents

Development, preservation and management of tourism resources

Collection, research and research of information materials on tourism

Implementation of planning and advertising measures to attract wide-area tourists such as expanding the number of Noto Airport users

Management and operation of Noto Travel Information Center

Capital AreaPRConsignment business related to the management and operation of the center (at that time: Noto Furusatokan, now: Kanazawa, Kaga, Noto Edo Main Store)

Introduction and mediation of local specialties and tourist souvenirs

Maintenance and promotion of local culture, folk songs, events, customs, etc.

Cooperation with tourism business related organizations and various organizations

Dissemination of tourism philosophy and promotion of welfare of local residents

Thing about "Meeting to foster Noto Peninsula tourism"

Promotion and realization of new construction and improvement of tourism industry roads

Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the Society

Reiwa 3rd Annual General Meeting Proposal

01 01

Member information

Participation Nanao Chamber of Commerce and Industry 70-1 Mishima-cho, Nanao City, 926-8642

Participating Wajima Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1-1 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

Participation Suzu Chamber of Commerce 1-1-9 Iidamachi, Suzu City, 927-1214

Participation Hakui Chamber of Commerce and Industry 139 Abe, Asahimachi, Hakui City, 925-8585

ParticipationIshikawa Bus Association1-2 Naoehigashi, Kanazawa 920-8213

ParticipationIshikawa Rent-A-Car Association1-3-10 Kanda, Kanazawa City, 921-8027, 〒921-8027

ParticipationIshikawa Taxi Association2-1 Kuratsuki, Kanazawa 920-8203

Chairman Wajima Onsen Tourism Development Co., Ltd.20-1-131 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

Vice President Wajima City 2 characters 29, Futatsuyamachi, Wajima City 928-8525

Vice ChairmanSpecified non-profit corporation Noto Suzunari15 〒927-1213 Nonoemachi, Suzu City

Vice ChairmanWakura Onsen Tourism Association13-1 Wakuramachi, Nanao City, 926-0175

Standing directorGeneral Incorporated Association Nanao Nakato DMO13-1 Wakuramachi, Nanao City, 926-0175

Standing directorHakui City Tourism Association200, Asahimachi, Hakui City, 925-8501

Standing directorHokutetsu Noto Bus Co., Ltd.107-2, Tsumugimachi, Nanao City, 926-0853

Standing directorNPO corporation Noto network22-38 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

Standing Director West Japan Railway Company Kanazawa Branch Office 28-2 Misogicho, Nanao City 926-0811

Standing directorNoto Railway Co., Ltd.24-2 Omachi, Anamizu-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0026

Standing Director All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Kanazawa Branch 16-1 Showamachi, Kanazawa City, 920-0856 〒920-0856

Standing directorGeneral Incorporated Association Shoryudou Dragon Route Promotion Council29-2, Okuharamachi, Nanao City, 926-0174

Standing directorSogen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.22 of 24 Sogen, Suzu-cho, Suzu-shi, 927-1225

Standing directorShunran no Sato Executive Committee16-9 Miyachi, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0323

25, Sodegae-cho, Nanao-shi, 926-8611, Nanao-shi

Suzu City 〒927-1295 1 character 6-2 north of Uedomachi, Suzu City

Hakui City A 200, Asahimachi, Hakui City, 925-8501

Nakanoto-cho, 〒929-1721 46, Suezaka, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun

Anamizu Town 174 of Kawashima La, Anamizu Town, 927-0027

Shika Town 〒925-0198 1-1 Senko Sueyoshi, Shika Town, Hakui District

18-1, Hodatsushimizu-cho, Hodatsushimizu-cho, Hakui-gun, 929-1492

Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0492, 50-1, Ushitsu, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun

AuditorNotokyouei Shinyou Bank35 Himonomachi, Nanao City, 926-8601

AuditorKono Shinkin Bank45-1 Ushitsu Muji, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0493

SecretaryWajima City Tourism Association20-1-131 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

Secretary Anamizu Town Tourism and Products Association 174 Kawashima, Anamizu Town, Hosu District, 927-8601

SecretaryShika Town Tourism Association〒925-0454 3-1, Aikami, Shika-cho

SecretaryNotojima Tourism Association122-14 Kodamachi, Notojima, Nanao City 926-0211

Secretary Noto Town Chamber of Commerce 〒927-0433 44-4 Ushitsu, Noto Town

Secretary Shika Town Chamber of Commerce 13-1 Takahama Town, Shika Town, Hakui District 925-0141

Secretary Anamizu Town Chamber of Commerce 〒927-0027 25-1, Anamizu Town Kawashima Lee

Secretary Nakanoto Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry 50, Ida, Nakanoto Town, 929-1721

Secretary Togi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 10th Ko, Togiryokemachi, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0447

Secretary Hodatsushimizu Town Chamber of Commerce 120 Kawara, Hodatsushimizu Town, Hakui District 929-1303

Secretary Noto Kakita Chamber of Commerce and Industry 50-1, Kawazaki Nube, Nakajima-machi, Nanao 929-2243

Secretary Monzenmachi Chamber of Commerce 6-69, Monzenmachi, Wajima City, 927-2151

SecretaryHodatsushimizu Town Tourism Association9-1 to Ogichi, Hodatsushimizu-cho, Hakui-gun, 929-1426

SecretaryNakanoto Town Tourism Association46, 9th Suezaka, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, 929-1792

SecretaryMonzenmachi Tourism Association6-69, Monzenmachi, Wajima City, 927-2151

SecretaryNoto Town Tourism Association197-1, Ushitsushin, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0492

Secretary Wakura Onsen Inn Union Cooperative 13-1 Wakuramachi, Nanao City, 926-0175

Secretary Sosogisa Tourism Association 45-1 Sosogisa, Machino, Wajima City 928-0206

SecretaryHonke Kami Tokikuni13-4 Minamitokikuni, Machinomachi, Wajima City 928-0204

SecretaryWajima Lacquerware Commerce and Industry Cooperative24-55 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

SecretaryKeta Grand Shrine1-1 Jikemachi, Hakui City, 925-0003

SecretaryOmotoyama Sojiji Soin1-18-1 Monzenmachi Monzen, Wajima City 927-2156

MemberWajima City Tourism Association20-1-131 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberIshikawa Transportation Co., Ltd. Nanao Sales Office53-20 Tsumugimachi, Nanao City, 926-0853

MemberWajima Museum of Lacquer Art11 Mitomorimachi, Wajima City, 928-0063

MemberHot Land NANAO24-1 Asahimachi, Nanao City, 926-0833

MemberNanao Art Foundation1-1 Komaruyamadai, Nanao City, 926-0855

MemberHimi City Tourism Association1-12-18 Iseomachi, Himi City, 935-0015, Himi

MemberKashimazu Co., Ltd.13-1 Ingai, Fuchumachi, Nanao City, 926-0041

MemberNotojima Seaside Park Aquarium15-40 Notojima Magarimachi, Nanao City 926-0216

MemberWakura Onsen Joint Stock Company5-1 Wakuramachi, Nanao City 926-0175

MemberTobu Toptours Co., Ltd. Nanao Branch1 Shinmeicho, Nanao City, 926-0046

MemberNotojima Transportation Co., Ltd.40-76, Notojima Susomachi, 926-0213

MemberNoto Golf Club5 Otsumineyama, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0164

MemberNotojima Golf and Country Club7-1 Notojima Hannoura Town, Nanao City 926-0223

MemberNanao Castle Ruins Cultural Corporation8-1 Furuyashikimachi, Nanao City, 926-0024

MemberNoto Kongo Pleasure Boat (Yes)20 Fukurako, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0315

MemberSenrihama Rest House4-1 Ta, Chirihamamachi, Hakui City, 925-0054

MemberTravel Ai Land Co., Ltd.68-3, Kojimamachi, Nanao City, 926-0852

MemberNanao Flower Park's Torannokuni Co., Ltd.153 Watarisui, Hosoguchimachi, Nanao 926-0822

MemberHokutetsu Okunoto Bus Co., Ltd.70 Ezoana, Sugihiramachi, Wajima City 928-0011

MemberMyojoji Temple1 Takidanimachi, Hakui City, 925-0002

MemberWakura Onsen Nobu Sushi〒926-0176 3-120-1, Hibari, Wakura-machi, Nanao-shi

MemberIshikawa Printing Co., Ltd.8-2 Motofuchumachi, Nanao City, 926-0021

Member(Yes) Daine Otomatsu Shoten1-22 Kashima, Ishizaki-machi, Nanao 926-0178

MemberTravel Center Noto28-4 Sodegae-cho, Nanao-shi, 926-0045

MemberJanome Sushi20-7 Wakuramachi, Nanao City, 926-0175

MemberItalian gelato cherquio22-10 Shinmeicho, Nanao City, 926-0046

Member(Yes) Moriyama16-4 Ikomacho, Nanao City, 926-0804

MemberHotel Koshuen2-31-6 Tsukadamachi, Wajima City, 928-0003, Wajima

MemberMinato Taxi Co., Ltd.14-38, 6th Section, Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberGoshimaya Co., Ltd.161-2, Kawaimachi 2, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberShioyasu Lacquerware Studio3-198 Banbazaki Street, Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberWajimaya Yoshihito Co., Ltd.63 Heiseimachi, Wajima City, 928-0068 〒928-0068

MemberRinfudou6 to Takimatamachi, Wajima City, 928-0036

MemberShioyasu Lacquerware Studio20-1 Hizume, Oisemachi, Wajima City, 928-0032

MemberHandmade shop Suzuki18-42 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberShoya no Yakata10-1 Mauramachi, Suzu City 927-1326

MemberSuzu Tennen Sangyo15-18-11 Nagahashimachi, Suzu City, 927-1322

MemberSuzu Transportation Co., Ltd.57-1 Nonoemachi, Suzu City, 927-1213

MemberIzumitani of potato confectionery Co., Ltd.15-11 Iidamachi, Suzu City, 927-1214 〒927-1214

Member(Yes) Noto Kongo Transportation60-3 Kyubun, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0457

MemberNakajima Taxi Co., Ltd.269-1 Nakajima Otsu, Nakajima Town, Nanao City 929-2222

MemberChanko hot pot, single dish power58 Kawashima, Anamizu-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0027

MemberAnamizu Town National Recreation Center Castle Manai61-1 Kawashimai, Anamizu-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0027

MemberView sunset29-58, Monzenmachi Monzen-cho, Wajima 927-2351

MemberKihachi Ueno Shoten Co., Ltd.79, Ushitsu, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0433

MemberHeart & Beer Nihonkai Club92 Tatekabe, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0605

Member(Yes) Koiji sightseeing bus30-101-1 Matsunami, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0602, Hosu-gun

MemberNoto Airport Terminal Building Co., Ltd.10-11-1 Sue, Miimachi, Wajima 929-2372

MemberMaruichi Kanko Co., Ltd.2-1 Yatamachi, Nanao City, 926-0014

MemberPanasis Nanao Co., Ltd.2-51 Komaruyamadai, Nanao City, 926-0855

MemberJTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.2-11-7 Honmachi, Kanazawa 920-0853

MemberKanazawa Stage Co., Ltd.7-1351 Matsumura, Kanazawa 920-0348

MemberWakura Showa Museum and Toy Museum20-1 Wakuramachi, Nanao City, 926-0175

MemberIsolite Diatomite Museum1 Yobe, Ishizakimachi, Nanao City 926-0173

MemberEikoji Temple11th, Sakaimachi, Hakui City, 929-1574

MemberNoto Shimajuku Segawa118-1-1 Kodamachi, Notojima, Nanao City 926-0211

MemberTanino Ryokan12-52 Iidamachi, Suzu City, 927-1214

MemberTeraoka Livestock Co., Ltd.30 Togiryokemachi, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0447

MemberMargar Co., Ltd.163-1 Mizuho, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0311

MemberSuzu Hatagasaki Hotel Co., Ltd.480, 1st Section, Takojimamachi, Suzu City, 927-1204

MemberNoto Wine Co., Ltd.5-1 Asahigaoka, Anamizu-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0006

MemberNotojima Diving Resort89-17 Nozakimachi, Notojima, Nanao City 926-0205

MemberCosmo Isle Hakui Designated Manager (Yes) Project Dow25 Menda, Tsurutamachi, Hakui City, 925-0027

MemberKumazuma Sushi in front of the station19-1-16 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberThe Country Club Noto11-1 Mugigaura, Anamizu-cho, Hosu-gun, 927-0023

MemberKakidokoro Umi21 Hamada, Nakajima-machi, Nanao-shi, 929-2241

MemberYumenoto Co., Ltd.15-5 Iidamachi, Suzu City, 927-1214

MemberWajima Nuri Taiou2-25-8 Tsukadamachi, Wajima City, 928-0003, Wajima

MemberFisherman's shop commitment4-66-1 Kawaimachi, Wajima City, 928-0001

MemberIkoinomura Noto Peninsula Co., Ltd.1 address, 18 Uwano, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0165

Member Cosmo Foods System Co., Ltd. 68, Tachihiraki, Shika-cho, Hakui-gun, 925-0213

MemberMedaka Transportation Co., Ltd.61, Tenzaka, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, 928-0313

MemberDaiichi Printing Co., Ltd.34-1, Furukomachi, Nanao City, 926-0031

MemberNototsugu Wedding24-2, Tachibana-cho, Nanao-shi, 926-0043

MemberShobundo Tanaka Printing Co., Ltd.1448 East, Utsugimachi, Kanazawa 920-0377

MemberIshikawa TV Company Co., Ltd.18 Chi, Kannondomachi, Kanazawa 920-0352

MemberWajima Kirimoto32 Naritsubo, Sugihiramachi, Wajima City, 928-0011

MemberKazuma Shuzo Co., Ltd.〒927-0433 Ushitsu, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun-36

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Member recruitment

Our association is recruiting members for the purpose of promoting wide-area tourism on the Noto Peninsula and regional development of local culture and industry.

[Membership benefits]

Participation in tourism-related businesses of our association

Posting on our association's promotional printed matter, Internet homepage, etc.

Tourism of our associationPRIn business, events, etc.PR

Member introduction for inquiries from tourists, TV, radio, magazines, etc.

"Noto Travel Information Center (Noto Airport Terminal Building)1Floor) ”,“ Noto Desk (JR Kanazawa Station) ”PR

At the Ishikawa antenna shop "Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Monogatari Edo Main Store"PR

【Annual fee】

1mouth5,000Circle (2Please use your mouth or above)


Noto Peninsula Wide Area Tourism Association Secretariat

929-2372Sue, Miimachi, Wajima City, Ishikawa PrefectureTenDepartment11 11address1Noto Airport Terminal Building 1st floor

TEL:0768-26-2020 FAX:0768-26-2557