Noto's delicious mon


Noto seafood

A good fishing ground off the Noto Peninsula where warm and cold currents collide. You can enjoy the finest fish and shellfish all year round at the fishing grounds with the best environment, such as Toyama Bay, which is rich in minerals grown in Noto's Satoyama Satoumi and has a water depth of over 1000m, which brings about a natural purification effect.

Noto bowl

Enjoy "Noto Don" using Koshihikari from Oku Noto, water from Oku Noto, seasonal fish and shellfish from the local area, meat and vegetables grown in Noto, and traditional preserved food from the local area. ..

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Noto sushi

Sushi Kingdom Noto Nanao

Nanao City, located in the central part of the Noto Peninsula, is a city filled with rich nature, history, culture, climate, and the humanity of the people who live there. In addition, Nanao Bay, which spreads out in front of you, has a wide variety of fish and shellfish that are called "natural cages", and the market is lined with fresh fish and shellfish throughout the four seasons.

You can fully enjoy sushi made with fresh local ingredients at "Sushi Kingdom Noto Nanao".

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Maimon Festival (all year)

"Maimon" is a Noto dialect of the word "delicious". At the Anamizu Maimon Festival, enjoy the taste of Noto in each of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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Winter camp (oyster full course)

Nishi Noto Omotenashi Don

It wasn't enough to stick to the local and Noto ingredients, but it also served a spirit of hospitality. Furthermore, beyond the framework of "don", we also offer "heavy, set, plate, lunch course". There is a wide variety of foods, from casual foods to slightly luxurious foods.

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Feather monster food

Once upon a time, monster birds settled in this area and bothered the inhabitants. There, a prince came from the imperial court and brilliantly exterminates the monster bird and returns it to a peaceful land. Hakui became the place name "Hakui" when the dog he was taking with him came back with the feathers of a monster bird in his mouth. In connection with that event, a gourman with a wish to contain the monster bird so that it will not be bad again by having the food made with birds delicious.

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Hodatsushimizu omelet rice

Omelet rice that Japanese people love, from children to the elderly. Although it is a representative menu that can be said to be a staple of Western food, it is actually a dish born in Japan. Hodatsushimizu Town is called "Omurice Town" because Mr. Shigeo Kitahashi, the founder of Osaka "North Pole Star" who invented the omelet rice for the first time, is from Hodatsushimizu Town.

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